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Proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Forensic imaging is an emerging computer-based scientific discipline which can help police and other law enforcement officials solve crimes.  Attorneys, scientific organizations and the government also benefit from the extraction of objective information from imagery.

Many companies have installed video surveillance systems.  However they rarely check or monitor their equipment, and almost never replace the worn tapes.  As a result, the tapes tend to be severely damaged.  They're physically "chewed up" and often the oxide (which stores the images on the tape) is worn away, leaving distorted and degraded images.

A forensic imaging specialist can recover the images on these distorted and damaged tapes or from any other image medium.  Photek is equipped to analyze positive photographs, negatives, 16mm film, videos, and multimedia databases, to recover, restore and enhance images.  As a result of the process, Photek generates photographs and reports which aid in criminal, scientific and government investigations.

What can we do for you?

Photek can generate the scientific proof you need. You give us a photo, film or videotape and we'll do the rest.  Based on the results of our forensic analysis you will be provided with photographic reproductions of the recovered images and a Letter of Opinion explaining the results of our scientific examination.

You may need computer-generated enhanced photographs of your original to distribute to relevant personnel, including patrol officers, detectives, sergeants, district attorneys, or other people involved in your investigation.  Photek can provide expert testimony and visual aids to support your case in the courtroom.

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